Who Are We?

As our name says, Innovative Plastic Molders, Inc. offers innovative solutions to produce high quality injection molded parts efficiently and economically. Technical services which include engineering, tool design, automation, cost analysis and application engineering methodology are all the standard and backed by many years of specialized experience in plastic injection molding.

Our production facility is modern, extensive and versatile to accommodate every one of your particular needs. Our presses can produce the most intricate parts holding tight tolerances from the newest materials in weights up to 110 ounces. Provisions are available for decorating; assembling, packaging and other end processing many of which are done online to save you time and money.

A spacious, modern facility provides ample storage and shipping facilities, and our location is convenient to highways and terminals, which ensures on time deliveries.

Innovative - One System - Total Results!

Combined with these advantages is an efficiently operated facility, staffed with experienced personnel and craftsman who have proven track records and take pride in the quality of their product. Thus you can be assured of economical, dependable service of injection molded parts when you partner with Innovative Plastic Molders, Inc.

   120,000 sq.ft. facility

    25 Injection Molding Machines 75 tons ~ 550tons


       13 All New Electric Sumitomo Presses

           3—75 ton, 1– 100 ton, 1-130 ton, 2–180 ton, 3–280 ton, 2—350 ton, 1—450 ton

          With complete state of the art on-board Process capability

       2 All New Electric 200 ton Niigata           

       7 All New Electric Toyo Presses

           2-200 ton, 1-250 ton 2-400 ton, 1– 300 ton, 1-500 ton     

       3 Cincinnati Milacron Hydraulic Presses

           1—310 ton, 1—550 ton, 1-1700 ton

      In-House Tool Maintenance & Repair

      Finishing Services:

        IML, Hot Stamp & Heat Transfer—Sonic, Stake and Solvent Welding—Labeling—Riveting

        Sub-assembly to Full assembly service

      Special Material Blending & Color Services


         We provide a broad range of industries and products from: appliances, automotive, medical

         And packaging from child care products to Castor wheels and light industrial products.


ISO 9001:2015

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