How Do We Do It?

Innovative - One System - Total Results!

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We start with our own in-house engineers and decades of molding experience and draw our alliance with independent tool-making experts. Then taking your idea, thought, sketch and/or part drawing, we suggest appropriate manufacturing methods, i.e.,

Number of cavities, family vs. single part mold, conventional injection molding vs. other alternatives.

We offer the finest in tooling application for the following reasons:

         Proper part design

         Appropriate tool design and construction

         Short Lead Times

         Correct selection of tooling materials

         All Maintenance done in-house

         Necessary secondary equipment

         Prototype molds available on request

In conclusion, Innovative Plastic Molders, Inc. stands behind each tool that we engineer

And build with a personal guarantee that you will receive maintenance free tooling for a specified number of pieces.

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